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NIME Membership 

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Applying for membership

At the annual general meeting in 2011, it was decided that NIME should be registered as a 'learned society' in Lund, and that and that NIME should accept individual membership. I have earlier encouraged you to become a member of NIME – but so far we have got only 5 registered members! Therefore, I kindly invite readers of the newsletter and all in the Nordic region engaged in missiological and ecumenical research to become members of NIME. What, then, are the benefits of becoming a member of NIME? You will support the NIME network and receive the Swedish Missiological Themes for free!

Cost: Membership fee is structured as follows:

  • Student and doctoral student, per year: 100 SEK
  • Individual membership, per year: 300 SEK
  • Institutional membership, per year: 1.000 SEK

Apply for membership by filling out this form: Your name, address and email is all we need (copy full link if browser does not open:


Paying membership fee

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