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What is NIME?

Nordic Institute for Mission Studies and Ecumenics (NIME) was established as a learned society at the 26th of May 2011.

However, since 1972 NIME has been operational as a more loosely organized network of scholars active in the research of Christian mission and ecumenism.

The modern academic study of Christian missions and ecumenism took its beginning with the mission conference 1910 in Edinburgh. In the Nordic region, a number of scholars took on the study. Among them the Danish Johs. Aagaard and the Norwegian E. Myklebust were instrumental in the founding of NIME as a network in 1972.

Main activities of NIME have in the past been arrangement of doctoral courses, annual seminars, national study days, and a small electronic newsletter. The last Nordic doctoral course on mission studies in May 2011 drew some 40 Nordic and international participants to Höör near Lund. The theme was ‘The Future of Mission Studies’ and the interdisciplinary presentations focused on the historical, sociological, and theological studies of Christian missions. Furthermore, a large number of topical and methodological papers by a number of doctoral students were presented. 

NIME has encouraged international cooperation between mission scholars through the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS). The quadrennial IAMS conference has always had a special place in the life of NIME as a forum for presentation of the results from Nordic studies and perspectives on the international Christian missions. 

With the establishment of NIME as a learned society, registered in Lund, we hope to continue these activities and possibly to include a number of new initiatives. Furthermore, it is now for the first time possible to actually become a member of NIME, either as an individual or as an institution.  The membership fee structure is as follows: a) institutional membership: 1.000 SEK per year; b) individual membership: 300 SEK; c) reduced individual membership (for undergraduate and doctoral students): 100 SEK. Further details and application for membership by writing to Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, secretary of NIME, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We are welcoming you as a new member of NIME!

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