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NIME Doctoral Course


Invitation: NIME Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2014 I am writing you to invite you for the NIME AGM 2013 which takes place Wednesday 19th November 15:30-17:30 at Menighedsfakultetet, Oslo. All current and future NIME members are eligible participants. The NIME AGM will take part in conjunction with a joint doctoral seminar and a day seminar with prof. Robert Woodberry, University of Singapore. Please see more about these seminars below. Agenda for AGM (according to bylaws of NIME, §5): 1. Choosing of the chairperson of the annual general meeting 2. Choosing of the secretary and the vote counters of the meeting 3. Presentation of the annual report of the activities for the previous year 4. Presentation of the financial report and result report of the previous year 5. The acceptance of the reports and granting discharge of liability to the board 6. Election of the new board 7. Election of the treasurer 8. Election of two auditors 9. Decision on the membership fee for the next calendar year According to bylaws (§6), the board consists of five members who represent at least four Nordic countries, meaning that a candidate from each country has to be identified beforehand for the board. Program for Joint Doctoral Seminar and Robert Woodberry Seminar: You are kindly invited to participate in the doctoral seminar and Woodberry seminar as part of the NIME AGM meeting. The joint doctoral seminar offers PhD students the opportunity to present parts of their research and to have a response from the wider NIME constituency. The Woodberry seminar is Tuesday 18th November: Arrival after 13:00 at Menighedsfakultet, Oslo. Doctoral seminar for PhD students from the NIME constituency from 14:00-17:00. NIME will host a simple dinner for participants after the doctoral seminar. Wednesday 19th November: Seminar on ‘Mission and democratization: Global and Norwegian perspectives’, 09:00-15:00. Prof. Robert Woodberry has researched and written extensively on the Christian missionary influence on societies and economy in 20th Century, and together with Norwegian scholars, he will introduce and discuss his findings. Registration As a NIME member, please register for the AGM and seminars by sending an email with name, affiliation, and title of presentation for doctoral seminar to Aron Engberg, secretary of NIME. Please register no later than 1st November 2014 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Places to stay There is a number of places to stay in Oslo and we kindly request that you make arrangements directly by yourself. We suggest the following places: • Thon Hotels (booking through in Oslo: Gyldenløve Hotell (Bogstadveien, few minutes walking distance to Menighedsfakultetet but also the most expensive of the Thon Hotels), Thon Hotel Astoria (Dronningens gate), Thon Hotel Terminus (Stenergatan). • Gjestehuset Lovisenberg (walking distance 30 minutes, bus no. 20; 10 minutes), • Dominikanerinnenes gjestehus (10 minutes walking distance from Menighetsfakultetet), • Sinsen Ungdomsherberge (Ringen fra Storo til MF, 10 minutes train ride + 5 minutes walking to Menighedsfakultet), Yours sincerely, Aron Engberg Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, Secretary, NIME Chairperson, NIME




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