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Written by Jonas   
Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:01

NIME Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

Date:  Tuesday 24th October 2017

Time: 12:00-12:30

Place: Engelska Parken, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

The NIME AGM 2017 takes place Tuesday 24th October at Engelska Parken, Uppsala University, Uppsala, in conjunction with the joint doctoral seminar 23th - 24th October 2017. For details on program se here and for registration contact Julia Kuhlin at julia.kuhlin(at) at the latest 9th October. 

Agenda for AGM (according to bylaws of NIME, §5):

  1. Choosing of the chairperson of the annual general meeting
  2. Choosing of the secretary and the vote counters of the meeting
  3. Presentation of the annual report of the activities for the previous year
    • Document to follow
  4. Presentation of the financial report and result report of the previous year
    • Document to follow
    • Document to follow
  5. The acceptance of the reports and granting discharge of liability to the board
  6. Election of new board (new board was elected in March 2017, so we suggest that we approve of the former AGM's election) (Norway: Knut Holter; Sweden: Julia Kuhlin; Lotta Gammelin; Finland: Mari Pöntinen; Denmark: Jonas Adelin Jørgensen)
  7. Election of the treasurer
  8. Election of two auditors
  9. Decision on the membership fee for the next calendar year

According to bylaws (§6), the board consists of five members who represent at least four Nordic countries, meaning that a candidate from each country has to be identified beforehand for the board.   

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Written by Jonas   
Monday, 11 October 2010 11:21

Nordic Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism (NIME) is a scholarly society for the historical and contemporary study of Christian missions. Main activities of NIME are:

It is possible to become institutional as well as individual members of NIME - contact the NIME secretary Aron Engberg for more details on aron.engberg(a) or use the link in the left side menu at the bottom. 

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